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Characteristics of quartz

Feb 14, 2017

1, surface bright and durable: Compact, without holes, does not absorb water and stain resistance strong, kitchen daily spice could not penetrate, after precision polishing treatment, the surface is easy to clean up, can keep durable gloss, bright as new.

2, scraping spending: surface hardness than iron, any household items that can be placed on the table. (But you should avoid diamonds, sand paper, high-hardness materials such as carbide scratch table)

3, resistance to stains: quartz stone countertops with high levels of micro-pore-free structure, water absorption rate is only 0.03% evidence of virtually no penetration of the material, each time after use with water or neutral detergent rinse.

4, burn resistance: quartz surfaces have a high ability to resist burn, other than stainless steel is the best temperature-resistant materials. Resistance often burns the coke residue of cigarette butts and the bottom of the table.

5, anti-aging, fading: room temperature the material is not aging; not in strong sunlight for year-round exposure, change of color is not too large.

6, no toxic fallout: by the authority of the State who demonstrated for nontoxic materials on health can be directly in contact with food.

Application: kitchen table, laboratory table, window sills, bar, Elevator, floors, walls, building materials building materials require higher place, apply artificial quartz stone.