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Quartz Stone Tiles Easy To Damage, Corrosion Resistance, High Temperature

Jun 09, 2017

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the aesthetic requirements of home decoration is also higher and higher, in their own decoration in a large number of selected stone instead of ceramics. The application of Quartz Stone Tiles stone gradually extended from the kitchen and bathroom decoration to the floor, walls and other areas. Quartz Stone Tiles stone is a man-made stone, compared to the production of ceramic tiles to see, in the early delivery and energy saving has a very obvious advantage.

What is the advantage of Quartz Stone Tiles compared to ceramics?

With the people's quality of life and the pursuit of health, natural stone market space is bound to further compression, combined with the architectural decoration market, the choice of stone space is increasing. Quartz Stone Tiles stone as the best alternative in the use of the wall, what is the advantage of the ground? The following is a small series for everyone to explain the Quartz Stone Tiles stone wall, tiles advantage!

Artificial Quartz Stone Tiles stone is usually made of natural Quartz Stone Tiles sand as filler, Quartz Stone Tiles sand and unsaturated polyester resin as the adhesive, after mixing vacuum high pressure, furnace heating, grinding and polishing made, so there are many artificial Quartz Stone Tiles stone Natural stone characteristics, such as artificial Quartz Stone Tiles stone can be manually adjusted, so many colors, flexibility is better, convergence treatment is not obvious, the overall sense is very strong, and colorful, with ceramic luster, high hardness, easy to damage, Corrosion, high temperature, and very easy to clean.

Quartz Stone Tiles stone tiles advantage is the surface smooth, no pores, Ma surface and other defects, beautiful colors, the substrate surface should have a sense of particle suspension, with a certain degree of transparency.

First, the Quartz Stone Tiles stone and ceramic tiles, the process is much simpler, no need to enter the kiln burn, no need to spray tower.

Second, the purchase of Quartz Stone Tiles stone raw materials is very convenient, you can participate in raw materials, such as broken glass and other waste, make different colors of the product, you can effectively recycling waste.

Third, the ceramic tile energy consumption is high, the pollution is relatively serious, in the post-pollution treatment of Quartz Stone Tiles stone is also a large cost to save.

Artificial Quartz Stone Tiles stone is made of Quartz Stone Tiles sand as the main raw material, adding some ingredients after the high vibration from the high pressure, its color is very diverse, so that you can effectively avoid the excessive exploitation of natural stone, and can absorb some waste materials, Environmental significance is prominent.

In recent years, the state more stringent requirements for energy saving and environmental protection, ceramic tile production threshold will be higher and higher, the restrictions on the production of tiles will become increasingly severe, in this trend, the artificial Quartz Stone Tiles stone plate or will become the next Kind of popular building decoration materials, from the ceramic tile market to take a cup of soup naturally mention. In view of the above series of advantages, coupled with government policy support, in recent years, the rise of Quartz Stone Tiles stone manufacturing equipment in the country, the production cost is further reduced, so that the price of Quartz Stone Tiles stone has been reduced in the future market has laid a very good foundation.