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British Style Quartz Countertops Stitching Quality And Seamless Stitching Perfect

Oct 20, 2017

The installation of British Style Quartz Countertops cupboard counter surface is an important link of making British Style Quartz Countertops Mesa, directly affect the whole quality and service life of Ambry, improper installation will not only affect the appearance of table, but also the root cause of post sale problem.

To ensure the installation of the table quality, before installation, you need to pay attention to a few points:

1, in the design of the plane splicing, the most important thing is to pay attention to the physical properties of British Style Quartz Countertops, to avoid thermal expansion or stress concentration caused by the consequences of joint cracking, in the selection of the location of the feeder, the plate must be fully considered the Force action. Avoid connecting at the corner or the furnace outlet.

2, in the design table corner, should fully consider the stress concentration, resulting in the table corner crack, so in the processing should be all corners to maintain a radius of 2.5 centimeters above the arc angle.

3, the design of the open hole position, table openings should be located at the edge of the table should be greater than or equal to 8 cm, to prevent the face from cracking, in the opening of the hearth, the first use of cutting machine or curve saw hole, and then use the gongs machine or hand grinding machine trimming, to achieve smooth effect, the four corners of the radius is basically uniform, because of the curve saw, cutting machine openings, The cutting hole around the edge of the serrated printing to have a crack residue, it is easy to cause openings at the crack.

4, openings at the corner should maintain a radius of 2.5 centimeters above the fillet,British Style Quartz Countertops the four corners must use the same plate plate to do the reinforcement treatment, the hearth and Mesa must have a certain space, space distance is 0.4-0.6 centimeters, the hole place adds the heat insulating cloth and the tin Platinum paper makes the insulation protection measure.

5, the design table should take into account the staircase, elevators, doors and other transport channels to the size of the table, the site seams should meet the requirements of the seam mentioned above.

1, splicing before the splicing plate should check whether the stitching is straight and consistent, if the stitching is not straight match, will make stitching appear glue marks, the quality of stitching and stitching seamless perfect. A simple way to ensure that the interface fits first put the two pieces to splice the plate on the same plane, so that both sides to be spliced as close as possible, with the F clamp fixed, and then with the positioning of the guide ruler will be fixed in the appropriate position,British Style Quartz Countertops with the gong machine at the same time cutting on both sides of the stitching, you can get flat and

2, in order to make the front end of the spelling interface close and seamless, in the front of the board 2mm-3mm with $number sandpaper wipe, and then with alcohol or the water clean stitching place, finally check whether the stitching mouth is flat.

3, in the mosaic of the two pieces of the edge of the mosaic plate, with an instant bonding fixed splicing with plate small block, fixed the number of small squares and distance from the stitching edge, according to the area of splicing and selection of fastening tools.

4, the two pieces of the ready to put on the same plane, and then in the joint interface at the bottom of the adhesive tape, in order to prevent the glue dripping, the two boards left a 3mm gap, to ensure the effective control of glue when stitching, so that the splicing mouth glue to accommodate the full

5. Evenly pour the dispensing glue on the splice mouth, the amount of glue to take up more than 1/2 of the gap, and then as soon as possible with the F-clip or a word clip fastening quilt splicing, in the fastening when carefully check whether the surface of the stitching, if not flat,British Style Quartz Countertops the glue hammer gently hammering high out of the board, until the inspection completely flat.

6, in the glue curing time, all fixtures should not loosen or arbitrarily moved by splicing plate, Mesa can not stand people or put other heavy weights, otherwise it will seriously affect the quality of splicing.

7, after the glue is cured, the extra glue will be removed with the gong machine or the angle grinder, then the grinding machine can not be used to chisel the shovel, otherwise it will affect the quality and appearance of the stitching surface, or even collapse, leaving hidden trouble.