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Four Conditions For Judging Quartz Stone True Or False

Feb 14, 2017

90% resin-quartz is quartz sand powder quartz stone resin under vacuum conditions and 10% high pressure press, made of high temperature the new stone. Is a kind of radioactive pollution-free, reusable environmentally friendly, green, new building materials and decoration materials. Its subject is the quartz powder, about 90%, quartz resin, color and other supporting material about 10%. Quartz is true is that many customers are focused on, and quartz stone how to identify true or false is also the customer's problem, today our staff sorted out four conditions for judging quartz stone true, hope to be helpful to our customers:

1. hardness of quartz stone plate must be provided by quartz sand. Glass is not a quartz glass particles of quartz stone plate (weight percentage) must be less than 20%.

2. high pressure system formed in the vacuum State. Low pressure molding or casting forming, quartz stone plate lack of compactness, easy bleeding, not tolerance. Domestic manufacturers are low pressure forming, and so are fake quartz stone.

3. quartz resin content (including all liquids accessory) reacted by. Below the 7% lack of toughness, easy to break above 12% easily.

4. curing high temperature setting. Domestic manufacturers are cold-curing or low temperature curing of 100 deg setting, so false quartz stone.