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Multi-functional Quartz Countertops Green Decorative Stone

Sep 30, 2017

Multi-functional Quartz Countertops because of their own to antibacterial, high temperature, wear, anti-leakage, non-toxic, non-radiation and other advantages of performance, was included in the national green decorative stone, in the modern home improvement is more and more people recognized. But in the decoration of the specific application, to avoid the two pieces of splicing or even more pieces of stitching, Multi-functional Quartz Countertops plate hardness up to Mohs hardness 7, stitching, in order to make the whole seemingly seamless, inevitably on the splicing and the surrounding Polished. But after the polished splicing will appear whitening phenomenon, the deeper the color of the board after the more serious whitening phenomenon. Dark plate polished after the chance of white is relatively high

How to avoid or appear whitening phenomenon should be how to solve it? This is a matter of concern to all of us! First of all, should be looking for professionals in the stitching, in the process of installation of the plate to avoid the second grinding and polishing, in the installation of docking plate joints should avoid straight mouth stitching, splicing should be handled into an anastomosis 45 ° ramps. So as to achieve seamless docking. Should avoid the docking of the glue exposed to bring unnecessary secondary grinding. As a result of grinding after the white can be waxed and the use of varnish treatment, but these two methods can not be long-term solution, only temporary relief. Or use light agent or resin repair, with this method after repair, can be maintained for a long time but can not be eradicated.

What is the reason for the stitching? We all know that the quartz surface of the stone surface as a mirror, this is because the Multi-functional Quartz Countertops manufacturers in the production of large-scale high-speed water mill polishing machine. Water mill polishing is a multi-channel 2000 head water grinding head by high pressure, high speed grinding results, other handheld tools can not and. The appearance of the whitening phenomenon caused by the grinding of the angle grinder is because the base of the Multi-functional Quartz Countertops sheet is white, and the gloss and color of the surface of the sheet are broken during the grinding process, revealing the white matrix, which is why the sheet The deeper the color, the more obvious the phenomenon of whitening at the seams, thus affecting the overall beauty.

Artificial Multi-functional Quartz Countertops is a cabinet countertop choice is a development trend, the current market of Multi-functional Quartz Countertops brand and color is also dazzling, and the quality is uneven. In the daily use of prone to cracking. How to repair the Multi-functional Quartz Countertops is also a lot of people concerned about the issue!

1, first of all in the selection do not choose because of the price of ordinary artificial stone, ordinary artificial stone cracking is too large, almost two years to reach more than 50%.

2, the possibility of cracking Multi-functional Quartz Countertops is relatively small, but the Multi-functional Quartz Countertops is also good or bad, some businessmen posing with Multi-functional Quartz Countertops stone, or some businesses do not press the board Multi-functional Quartz Countertops, although the price cheaper, but the quality than the press plate The difference between the Multi-functional Quartz Countertops.

3, try to choose the pad technology and not choose pad technology to prevent the stone plate to crack or deformation. Construction should be on the windowsill, floor, cabinets and wall flatness.

4, after drilling should be used in drilling on both sides of the drilling hole drilling to prevent the continued cracking, the use of angle grinder to open the cracks embedded. Repair should be used with Multi-functional Quartz Countertops manufacturers with the same color resin glue to join the quartz powder, according to the site humidity and temperature to add curing agent, even after mixing and filling the gap. Finally, should be more than 3000 mesh water polished for grinding.