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Natural Veins Quartz Stone Need Regular Maintenance

Jul 11, 2017

Natural Veins Quartz Stone is a colorful, rich texture, expensive natural stone, in the country known as the luxury stone. It is a fantastic stone with extraordinary exotic and mysterious charm. Natural Veins Quartz Stone stone has a marble look, but increased durability, because the same is relatively hard rock, a lot of time, suppliers also call them "granite."

However, both from the color, stripes and structure, the Natural Veins Quartz Stone stone and the traditional granite are very different, but with the marble have some similarities. Natural Veins Quartz Stone stone can be sold in the market mainly depends on its physical structural characteristics and abrasion resistance is basically the same as granite, even more than granite. And from the outside, with the traditional marble and very similar. In addition, due to the characteristics of the rock itself, under normal circumstances, the Natural Veins Quartz Stoneite has a certain degree of transparency, which is with agate and snow and stone is very similar.

As a very high wear resistance of the stone, when its mining and production, the general use of diamond-like mechanical equipment, such as diamond wire saw cutting machine. This equipment allows the time and production costs to be controlled within a reasonable range when cutting large plates, since the production cost of Natural Veins Quartz Stone is relatively high. With the same reason, when the polishing process, the use of diamond-containing abrasive, to ensure that the quality of large board after polishing.

As a commercial product of the popular Natural Veins Quartz Stone stone, whether for the mining business or consumers, are very favorable. Not only the appearance, the use of Natural Veins Quartz Stone stone and granite, opened a large number of natural stone products market, the use of these stone also expanded to both the interior walls and facades can be used. Wear-resistant stone is not high in the industrial, commercial and housing use, often due to some of the higher corrosive products are affected. Also includes some of the external walls of the use of stone, will be affected by acid rain.

Natural Veins Quartz Stone stone's water absorption is higher than the average marble, which also means that they are more easily penetrated by some liquid and cause surface spots. However, more and more materials are polished, coated with a layer of resin, or a waterproof layer, in order to prevent the infiltration of liquid and surface spots.

Natural Veins Quartz Stone stone prices higher than other stone prices, some customers think that the effect is almost, not as good as the choice of other stone, like natural stone and the like, in fact, customers may only see the immediate benefits, and not from the long-term perspective, The price is high, but its unique and durable quality is obvious to all of you, I believe that in the near future the Natural Veins Quartz Stone stone will be replaced by natural stone. Said that today, compared to the natural stone summed up the advantages of some Natural Veins Quartz Stone stone.

Natural Veins Quartz Stone stone high density, so little resistance, so anti-penetration ability, anti-disease, anti-dirt, anti-frostbite ability, care more easily; Natural Veins Quartz Stone stone water absorption is almost zero, so that will not cause frostbite, Back to the alkali, rust, and no need to like natural stone as regular maintenance, you can save a higher maintenance costs, but also save a lot of trouble.

Natural Veins Quartz Stone stone with a strong texture, texture clear, natural and generous features, Natural Veins Quartz Stone stone looks rounded, remove the natural stone cold cold impression, more diversified color, can provide designers with more design inspiration, personalized decoration of the space More broad.

High hardness. Natural Veins Quartz Stone stone with high hardness of Natural Veins Quartz Stone sand as raw material, product Mohs hardness of up to 6.5, hardness higher than the marble, reached the hardness of natural granite level.