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Natural Veins Quartz Stone Need To Keep The Distance Between The Table And The Wall

Jul 20, 2017

First, the introduction of Natural Veins Quartz Stone  stone

Main Ingredients: Natural Veins Quartz Stone ite = 93% Natural Veins Quartz Stone  Sand (Powder) + 7% Resin

Natural Veins Quartz Stone  stone and ordinary man-made stone is a big difference, Natural Veins Quartz Stone  stone because 93% is natural Natural Veins Quartz Stone , so the character is closer to natural stone, with natural stone hard and toughness, and hardness higher than natural marble, so in addition to the table, shop The floor is also a bright spot for it.

Second, the processing status quo

Because of the Natural Veins Quartz Stone  stone and ordinary artificial stone in hardness and toughness there is a big difference, so its processing methods and ordinary artificial stone is also a big difference, but from the current understanding of the situation shows that the market now Natural Veins Quartz Stone  stone processing technology is similar , Of course, there are many errors, and some only the processing of ordinary artificial stone processing methods and processes to process Natural Veins Quartz Stone  stone plate. As a Natural Veins Quartz Stone  stone manufacturer, it is necessary to have the responsibility of the Natural Veins Quartz Stone  stone processing methods to provide some guidance documents for Natural Veins Quartz Stone  stone agents, processors and other reference.

Third, the processing requirements of Natural Veins Quartz Stone  stone

Natural Veins Quartz Stone  stone processing requirements, in principle, with the processing of natural stone is the same, with its natural stone and granite. The operator of the Natural Veins Quartz Stone  stone is best to have the experience of processing natural stone, and the operator who has the experience of processing the common artificial stone but has no natural stone experience has to be trained beforehand.

1 flatness

Before installation, you need to check the flatness of the cabinets and floor cabinets, check the installation of the table and the size of the scene is no error, if the error occurs, you need to re-processing, finishing or cabinet adjustment.

2 distance

When installing the table, you need to keep the distance between the table and the wall, the general gap in the 3-5mm, leaving the main purpose of this gap is to prevent the future of the table and the thermal expansion and contraction of the cabinet to stretch, after the completion of the installation , You need to glue at the gap.

3 flatness

If you need to install the sink and other devices, first of all, the Natural Veins Quartz Stone  stone table and the table on the file water for some local dressing, and the percussion, check whether the vacant, for some tiny suspension, we can add some of the bottom of the stone Glass glue used to fill, for some serious unevenness, you need to stop the construction, the cabinet to adjust to the flat state.

4 at the gap

For some L-type countertops or some long table, you can use some strong fixtures when necessary to clamp the table to squeeze the gap, for the gap must be clean.

5 water strip

In the bottom of the cabinets of the barrier evenly coated with some of the color of the plastic used for sticky stalls, must not use marble glue and the like to connect the colloid, in order to prevent the bonding, and will not stick Too fast to cause the table to crack or break.