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Platinum Quartz Stone Ensure Excellent Quality Of Materials

Nov 01, 2017

Since the birth of the first domestic Platinum Quartz Stone, China's Platinum Quartz Stone industry has ushered in a rapid development, a short period of more than 10 years, Platinum Quartz Stone production enterprises springing up, blossoming. Powerful, excellent quality of large enterprises have become a popular well-known brands, and the strength of the weak, thin muscle yellow small enterprises still hide in the Xu in the Nook and cranny, copycat imitation. And in the market, Platinum Quartz Stone as a rising star, in the annual average of 50 billion yuan stone market wind and wind, a lot of natural stone to steal the pride.

Everything is attributed to one reason: Platinum Quartz Stone is not only the national recognized green environmental protection decoration material, but also is the best choice for countertop materials. The deeper factors, we are well-known in the medium-Xun as an example of it, the rapid Platinum Quartz Stone products have perfect performance and excellent quality, enough to make other surface materials than.

1 Product Ingredient

Its own high purity quartz mine, to ensure the quality of natural quartz material excellence;

The best unsaturated resin producers in China to ensure the supply of high-quality resin raw materials;

The introduction of advanced pigment accessories, rich product color, texture;

2 manufacturing process

Zhong Xun Platinum Quartz Stone using vacuum die-casting technology manufacturing, raw materials need to be stirred by automatic mixing system reasonable mixing, material composition, in the gravity up to 800 tons of large-scale presses repeatedly die-casting, after the automatic thermostat oven time to form semi-finished products. Semi-Finished products in the bridge cutting, polishing, quality inspection, spray code, covering the formation of Platinum Quartz Stone finished.

3 from nature, superior to natural

Platinum Quartz Stone not only inherited the natural stone of the aesthetic patterns, but also has a better performance than the natural stone, such as toughness, temperature resistance, and low water absorption, no infiltration color, and 100% environmental protection, non-toxic no radiation. More controllable thickness and specifications, richer colors and patterns, but also make Platinum Quartz Stone the absolute substitute for natural stone.

Platinum Quartz Stone Products Fire Protection grade B, belonging to refractory materials, with excellent flame retardant characteristics.

Platinum Quartz Stone Products vacuum die-casting, compact hole-free, after the multiple polishing process, adding high-quality composite agent and pit aging agent, product low water absorption rate, penetration, stain resistance.

Accurate beneficiation technology and purification process to ensure that the raw materials do not contain any metal impurities and radioactive substances, will not damage human health. Products through the United States authoritative organization NSF certification, Absolute environmental safety, and food direct contact.

Based on the Platinum Quartz Stone has such perfect performance and such excellent quality, making it the best choice for kitchen countertops. And in accordance with the current rapid growth, Platinum Quartz Stone beyond the natural stone, become the surface material market absolute protagonist, not impossible.

With the Platinum Quartz Stone production technology and processing technology more exquisite, as well as the popularity of Platinum Quartz Stone culture to enhance the degree of consumer awareness of Platinum Quartz Stone, Platinum Quartz Stone is applied to the wall, the ground can become a reality.