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Problems In Quartz Stone Countertop Installation

Feb 14, 2017

1. Cabinet water evenly apply some color to use at the bottom of the plastic glass, used for adhesion of water, must not use connections such as marble glue gel, in order to prevent bonding after bonding is too stringent and not cause stone cracking or breaking.

2. if need installation sink, device, first should will quartz stone of table and table Shang of document water for some local of dressing, and for percussion, check whether loft, for some tiny of loft-like, we can in stone of back bottom added some glass rubber used to for fill, for some serious of not flat sex, is need stop construction, on Cabinet of table needed for adjustment to flat state.

3. on site construction, avoid as far as possible in the field to open the stone to prevent improper opening, causing cracks in stone. Missing out of the plastic glass can be cleaned with water after ten minutes.

4. when installing stone countertops, you need to keep the distance between the stone and the wall, General gap in 3-5mm many leave the gap's main aim is to prevent future stone countertops and cabinets after the thermal expansion and contraction, stretch, after the installation is complete, you will need to put a plastic glass at the gap.

5. l-shaped table, there are some very long table, if necessary use some glass clamps used to hold the stone to squeeze the gap, the gap must be cleaned. Here, we do not advocate the joints between stones and walls were polished, especially the dark stone series.

6. before installing the stone, you need to check the scene of cabinets and Cabinet formation, required for installing stone countertops and field size without error, if error, you need to be processed again, trimming.