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Quartz: Problems And Solutions

Feb 14, 2017

1. corner is incomplete: quartzite was shipped to have small plates the corners is not complete, but this does not affect the customer's use, remove the part incomplete, quartz stone plate will be part of effective size for customer use.

2. a small amount of pellet: production process-color products or products of special decorative effect, in pursuit of two or more colors and special decorative effects, will retain some monochrome spherical section, this is purely from the angle of pursuit of decorative effect deliberately, should communicate with clients in advance in this regard.

3. colors: the quartz stone in our country at the initial stage of development, color is not a particularly pure. Faced with this situation, should actively absorb foreign products advantages of color experts hired to design should also collect information from consumer feedback towards improved in a short time.

4. noise: quartz stone material from the natural quartz ore, quartz ore by crushing, screening, and this will inevitably produce some noise, which need to communicate with customers, explain to the customer.

5. smooth domestic compared to quartz stone quartz abroad is not particularly smooth, touch feeling of hand scraping on the surface, so that the ink in high permeability materials such as quartz surface penetration experiment with a small amount of residue, banana water wash is recommended. Restricting smooth mainly because domestic quartz stone has just started, abrasive domestic enterprises is lagging, not the marketing effort. Therefore, we should actively study abroad, improve abrasive machining technology.

6. flatness: sometimes in the thickness of the sheet back there will be few places exist is not uniform, which was due to follow the standard of natural stone, need to be more detailed in the process.