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Quartz Sinks Maintenance

Feb 14, 2017

Quartz stone plate can also be used for sinks, quartz sink finish, however, still need to correct maintenance methods, staff compiled some quartz tank maintenance, hope to be helpful to our customers:

1. sink should not be used as a cutting board, sinks should only be used for the purposes it should be used.

2. minimize the use of silver-containing detergents or other cleaning products containing sulfur or hydrochloric acid.

3. do not use scouring, polishing or abrasive materials to clean the sink.

4. wet washing sponge cleaning pads or other places left in the sink for a long time, formed on the surface of water with high iron content may result in signs of brownish red coloring.

5. do not pickle, mayonnaise, or other salt-rich foods and easily sink contaminated food such as tea, coffee, fruit juice into the sink for a long time, such as got best immediately with water or detergent.

6. regular cleaning of the quartz stone sink, when not in use it should be kept dry and stranded in water can cause mineral deposits, typically using low concentration vinegar solution to remove such deposits, and finally completely clean with water.

7. use coarse or steel wool to clean the sink, so easy to make scratches the sink and sink patches.