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Quartz Stone Countertops In The Maintenance Of Common Sense

Feb 14, 2017

1. to prevent corrosive chemicals contact table

Avoid corrosive chemicals in daily touch table, if contacted, rinse immediately with plenty of SOAP and water surface or consult the relevant professionals.

2. stay as dry as possible

Keep the table clean, prolonged immersion or water as possible, keep the surface clean and dry.

3. operation should be avoided with a sharp object scratched countertop

No matter what you choose, should be on the chopping block and cutting processed foods, in addition to being able to avoid leaving marks outside outside the damaged blades, also can do a better cleaning.

4. do not heat or a hot pan directly or put aside for a long time on the table

Take off directly from the stove or in the oven, microwave hot pot hot pot or other high temperature appliances, utensils, such as damage to the table.