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Quartz Stone Price Differences How To Choose

Feb 14, 2017

A, sheet metal thickness

Quartz stone plate the best thickness for processing into table 1.50CM, the material toughness more, outside shattered more resistant, long service life, generally 1.20CM the thickness of the plate is more appropriate than laying renovated ground.

Second, from the identification of quartz on the surface appearance of the standard:

1 quality: from the viewpoint of manufacturing processes, quartz is "artificial", but from the material texture perspective, natural high quality quartz stone is strong, and almost the same natural stone, which is one of the important signs of industry technology standards. Production equipment and technology behind the products, quartz stone, the appearance of plastic resins strong, "man-made" traces of heavier.

2-tone style: for some varieties, on the same panel contains four shades of quartz in the world in the production of the highest technical standards, production equipment and technology behind the products, quartz stone texture color blurring, disorder, the tone is not sharp and clear, very easy to identify with the naked eye. According to the quality of these varieties, can be inferred that the manufacturer's equipment and technology.