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Quartz Stone Problems Should Be Paid Attention To In The Use Process

Feb 14, 2017

1. heat resistance of quartz surfaces very well, scorch, deformation, dents do not appear, and so on. Need to be taken to avoid local overheating. Material expansion and contraction characteristics of local overheating will cause local swelling, which leads to cracking. Note to avoid open flame Grill, avoid high heat (hot dish of hot pots, water heater etc) rotate directly on the countertop, recommend the use of insulating mats with good performance, or can let the heat disperse pot. Temperature is not the direct cause of the damage.

2. after use, rinse the floor, shovel if necessary, use a knife to remain on the surface. If you are using a non-neutral cleaning detergent products, clean with water to make the final.

3. the quartz composite stone is a high hardness and has a high scratch resistance, will not be scratched or worn under normal usage conditions. Matters need attention is to avoid the use of superhard tool brute force scraping the table, such as diamonds, sand paper, broken pieces of glass, ceramics (including bad ceramics sintered particles that may exist at the bottom), high hardness, high hardness alloy tool and tools.

4. Although quartz stone countertops contain material ductile compound, has a relatively higher impact resistance, but still want to avoid the blow, frequently striking the table or by gravitational compression table dangling parts, especially the weak parts of the table, near near the stove, sink, corner location, splice sites, large span and middle parts of the Cabinet.