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Quartz Stone Production Line The Speed Directly Affects The Brightness Of The Polished Surface

Jun 20, 2017

Green Quartz Stone Production Line stone is the world's most advanced technology to produce super-hard composite materials, is made of natural Quartz Stone Production Line, mineral pigments, resins and other additives, so that its appearance is similar to the natural granite, colorful color. -0.1pa vacuum synthesis, dense non-porous super-hardness of the surface, whether it is glossy texture, or a variety of liquid substances seepage, the anti-fouling ability is other artificial stone, natural stone can not match. We have previously introduced to you the impact of Quartz Stone Production Line stone prices and quality of the main reason is the raw materials, but the use of the best raw materials, production equipment is the main factor affecting the quality of the main factors There are readers with Xiaobian made this point of view, but also very grateful to the reader to give us to share. The following look at the reader's message! Some minor changes, but the meaning did not change!

Quartz Stone Production Line stone quality is not only limited to the purchase of raw materials, with the production equipment and technology also have inextricably linked, such as: mixing pulp is to determine the color of the reasons, the advantages and disadvantages of the mixer determines whether the uniform mixing of particles. The quality of the vacuum press determines the density of the board, which is also a great relationship with the manipulation of personnel, vacuum and suppress the time also directly affect the density of the plate. Whether the curing furnace is reasonable to determine the flatness of the blank so that the plate is not easy to deformation. Polishing is the final process of Quartz Stone Production Line stone production is the most critical, the advantages and disadvantages of polishing equipment determines the speed of the polishing machine directly affect the brightness of the polished surface.

But some companies are small Quartz Stone Production Line stone manufacturers on this side are simple production, even if the use of the best quality of raw materials will be greatly reduced, and even some small manufacturers in response to market demand for the direct use of artificial stone production line, that is, we Said cast Quartz Stone Production Line stone. With the passage of time this product is often prone to deformation, rupture, pollution phenomenon. High-quality Quartz Stone Production Line stone plate, is through the vacuum high-pressure high vibration furnace heating curing, the use of high-speed waterjet large polishing machine for surface polishing. High-quality Quartz Stone Production Line stone is not anti-pollution wax can be anti-fouling.