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Quartz Stone's Origins And History

Feb 14, 2017

Quartz is an imported product, the Chinese understanding of quartz stone is still in the concept stage. In 1984, quartz stone was born in Italy, production technology for the Barry company proprietary, Italy, initially known as Li Tong Shi, is made up of more than 90% of quartz crystals, and 10% resin and trace elements in a vacuum under high pressure of large-size plates.

Quartz stone products with the quartz technologies in the global spread of new fashion trends. As of 2007 from 14 countries and regions a total of 28 production lines of quartz stone, quartz stone market in the world from 1984 to tens of thousands of dollars a year to the current market size of US $3 billion a year, which is a rapid development process, this pace of development as China quartz stone market activation more quickly.

Initially, the quartz applies only in a higher requirement on the surface of the Cabinet countertops, furniture, table tops, laboratory. With economic development and further mature, more foreign ground, walls, furniture and other areas began to use quartz, such as major hotels, luxury homes, landmarks, quartz is becoming the alternative to natural stone products. Quartz stone customers are constantly changing, from traditional wholesalers to real estate development companies, and construction and decoration company, more and more people to join the quartz stone consumption trends.