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Quartz Stone Tiles Resistant To Expected Load, Perfect Structural Seam

Jul 11, 2017

As the Quartz Stone Tiles stone rich color, quality excellence is more and more home improvement designers favored, with China's Quartz Stone Tiles stone manufacturers of production equipment and the ability to continuously upgrade, so that the price of Quartz Stone Tiles stone people get the price. Now Quartz Stone Tiles stone has been more applied to the ground, wall decoration, for China's Quartz Stone Tiles stone ground construction is also a primary stage, how to construct for different views, the following we look at the construction of foreign advice.

1, lengthy preparation:

Good condition and preparation are the basis for proper installation of Quartz Stone Tiles stone tiles, and the support surface must be absolutely dry (the maximum residual humidity measured with a carburetometer) is 2.5%. Keep dust, grease, wax, paint, decomposer and any other effects that affect the bonding effect, unless the use of special quick-drying glue, or per centimeter thickness of the sand layer dry time needs 6-8 days. Any prefabricated panels must be rugged, crack-free, firmly attached to the base, resistant to expected load, perfect structural seam, and ready for proper glue bonding.

2, recommended adhesive

For the laying of Quartz Stone Tiles stone tiles, it is not recommended to use traditional sand and cement methods, it is recommended to use C2F grade S1 adhesive. We recommend the use of a denture to apply an adhesive. The amount of extension to the floor tiles in this way ensures that at least 90% of the Quartz Stone Tilesite sheet is covered. For large-sized laying, we recommend a double diffusion system.

3, in the area directly affected by the sun to install:

Temporary glass is provided for areas exposed to large amounts of sunlight, and must be replaced with R2T adhesives and re-synthesized Quartz Stone Tiles stones on special stents under harsh conditions.

Artificial Quartz Stone Tiles stone is made of Quartz Stone Tiles sand as the main raw material, adding some ingredients after the high vibration from the high pressure, its color is very diverse, so that you can effectively avoid the excessive exploitation of natural stone, and can absorb some waste materials, Environmental significance is prominent.

In recent years, the state more stringent requirements for energy saving and environmental protection, ceramic tile production threshold will be higher and higher, the restrictions on the production of tiles will become increasingly severe, in this trend, artificial Quartz Stone Tiles stone plate or will become the next Kind of popular building decoration materials, from the ceramic tile market to take a cup of soup naturally under the words. In view of the above mentioned series of advantages, coupled with the support of government policy, in recent years, the rise of Quartz Stone Tiles stone manufacturing equipment in the country, the production costs further reduced, so that the price of Quartz Stone Tiles stone in the future market has laid a very good foundation.